Home Schooling

At Threefold Cord Home Education Academy, the parent retains the freedom of home education and/or facilitating their child's education whilst receiving the full service of an education administration office.


Our team of qualified, trained academic advisors has experience in serving local home school families for more than 15 years.


    Main Services

    • Home Education Training

    • Diagnostic/Placement Testing and Evaluation

    • Career Guidance Programme

    • Quarterly Moderation

    • Securing Curriculum Materials

    • Senior Phase Independent Reporting on learner abilities

    • Guidance towards Graduation

    • All Africa Student Convention Preparation and Registration

    • Annual Prize Giving

    • Assistance with Registration with the Department of Education


    In order to meet the educational needs of different families, we offer:


    • The workbook-based, computer-enhanced Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) programme, offered by the AEE Group. These Bible-based workbooks called PACE’s, are self-instructional. The programme is individualized and has achieved great success for over 50 years globally!



    • Comprehend Africa, also offered by the AEE Group. This mastery-based programme meets a high standard of academic rigor. The media-rich materials engage learners and the automated platform is easy-to-use and facilitates blended learning.